Custom Stainless Enclosures Inc. has announced the new 4Xxtreme® electrical enclosures, which can reduce overall cost of ownership of equipment when installed in the harshest washdown environments.

The company’s Patented Double Seal™ Enclosure technology increases enclosures’ ability to withstand the harshest environments. Gasket failure is the number-one issue when it comes to water getting into enclosures, with damage already done by the time the user notices there is an issue. Most enclosure manufacturers use a Pour-in-Place or Foam-in-Place (FIP) gasket system, which can have a temperature rating as low as 140 °F (60 °C). The FIP gasket is the least expensive gasket system an enclosure manufacturer can use. In harsh washdown environments, this can lead to gasket failure within as little as six months. The harsher the environment, the faster FIP gaskets start to crack, absorb water, and fall off.

The second reason that water enters an enclosure is that users typically do not close all quarter turns. To solve this problem, Custom Stainless Enclosures manufactures all their enclosures with a single Hygienic Quarter Turn or 3-Point Defeater Handle. The company received the Innovation Award at Process Expo 2021 for this design concept.

Custom Stainless Enclosures also developed Patented Double Stud® technology, which eliminates any water coming in through the mounting system. It also serves as a dual-purpose mounting system that provides a means for mounting the back panel on the inside of the enclosure while also creating a way to mount the enclosure from the outside, reducing the time it takes to install the enclosure in the field.                                           

Custom Stainless Enclosures’ easy-to-use, field-replaceable “Push On” gasket system is the simplest gasket replacement system in the industry. Custom Stainless Enclosures gaskets are standardized Blue EPDM gaskets, however, they are also available are Nitrile and Blue Silicone gaskets depending on customers’ installation requirements.   

Each enclosure Custom Stainless Enclosures builds starts with one of the company’s Super Models, from which the company designs their customers’ enclosures to their exact dimensions and requirements. With over seven top configurations, Custom Stainless Enclosures provides cutouts provided at no additional charge and does not overcharge for customized enclosures. Additionally, Custom Stainless Enclosures has no limits on size or capabilities, with the ability to add to enclosures flanges for disconnects, multi-door enclosures, IP69K rated windows, rotary unions, and other features.

Custom Stainless Enclosures 4Xxtreme: