OpenClean Technologies today announced that the world’s first hand sanitizing door handles that easily integrate with or replace existing restroom door handles to make hand sanitization easy, intuitive and accessible, are now available. These hand sanitization door handles, which are available in two versions—TurnClean and PullClean—allow patrons and staff members at restaurants, bars, hotels and buildings to leave restrooms safely and hygienically, ensuring clean, sanitized hands each time.  

While clean hands can dramatically reduce the spread of germs and infections, one of the biggest obstacles is getting people to use sanitizer regularly, because even with multiple dispensers in the restroom, they simply forget. With these TurnClean and PullClean, users will experience a “behavioral” design that places hand sanitizer in their normal pathway as they exit the restroom (it’s in the door handle), replacing two separate actions (sanitizing and then opening a door) into one seamless movement.