Salmonella detection is crucial to preventing foodborne illness and ensuring food safety. For Salmonella control, quantification data and serotype of the population are effective ways to assess risk and improve consumer protection.

bioMérieux, a diagnostic solutions company, has launched GENE-UP QUANT Salmonella, the first AOAC-approved and non-enrichment true quantification diagnostic for Salmonella. bioMérieux assures that the exact quantification and fast turnaround time of the new test allows poultry producers to evaluate and improve operational processes and mitigation measures, while reducing antimicrobial use, cost, and waste.

Current detection methods for Salmonella rely on enrichment, which results in a semi-quantitative range of Salmonella levels. GENE-UP QUANT Salmonella does not require enrichment of the sample, which means producers can receive accurate, real-time information about the exact quantity of Salmonella present in a poultry product.

As federal guidelines look to shift to a true quantification model, bioMérieux describes GENE-UP QUANT Salmonella as a future-proof solution designed to ensure Salmonella compliance in the changing landscape of poultry regulation. bioMérieux expresses that launching GENE-UP® QUANT is a step toward supporting the poultry production industry’s goals of Salmonella reduction.