Food Industry Counsel (FIC) LLC has released its new FIC Recall Reporter, a searchable real-time Excel database of food product recalls from the year 2000 and later. Available searches include food and beverage recalls, the types of food products, the reasons for the recalls, and the names of the companies recalling the products. Access to this information can provide insight into past and current food safety trends, and can help food companies avoid the mistakes of others.

Because seemingly inconsequential details or patterns of food product recalls can be the harbingers of tragedy, it is important that the food industry do everything possible to thoroughly analyze all information available. 

To that end, FIC spent the last year compiling information about food recalls into a continuously updated spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is updated daily and contains comprehensive data on every food recall since the year 2000. The company's hope is that the spreadsheet will allow them and others to glean critical insights into the causes of recalls. By understanding the "what, where, when, and why" of recalls, it may be possible to reduce their numbers and further protect consumers, who rely upon the industry for the safety of their food.

The spreadsheet is free to download or view for anyone who wishes to use it. Click here to access the FIC Recall Reporter.