BioSafe Systems is pleased to present ReduceIT™, a sulfuric acid-based product that helps to balance pH levels in poultry drinking water. This product will be the newest addition to BioSafe Systems’ Animal Health product offerings that provide solutions to manage water treatments, biosecurity applications, and insect control.

ReduceIT utilizes sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate to acidify water and lower pH levels of poultry drinking water. This product is labeled for use through the entire grow-out for both layers and broilers and helps promote a healthy gut flora that assists with producing a healthy bird. Water acidifiers have been shown to improve water palatability and enhance efficacy of disinfectants, particularly peroxyacetic acid (PAA) products like SaniDate® 5.0.

Combining ReduceIT and SaniDate 5.0 as a two-pronged water treatment program will maintain a stabilized pH and provide the ultimate control of common poultry drinking water issues. Both products can be used in traditional grow-outs and in antibiotic-free production facilities.

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