During the second public meeting to discuss the proposed rule entitled, “Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods,” the FDA expressed their intent to extend the comment period for the  information collection provisions that is set to close on November 23rd. FDA also is considering whether to provide any extension of the comment period for the proposed rule.  

The Food Traceability Proposed Rule, which published on September 23, 2020 included a 120-day comment period for the proposal and a 60-day comment period for the information collection provisions, After hearing concerns from several stakeholders that more time is needed to adequately review and analyze the information collection provisions with consideration to the entire proposed rule, the agency intends to formally announce an extension to the comment period for these provisions in a forthcoming notice in the Federal Register.  

Some stakeholders also have asked the FDA to extend the comment period for the proposed rule, which is currently slated to close on January 21, 2021. Any extension of the proposed rule comment period would be announced through a notice in the Federal Register and issuance of a Constituent Update.

The FDA recently made available several supplemental resources to help stakeholders better understand the requirements outlined in the proposed rule. The FDA encourages stakeholders to review these supplemental materials.