Hygiena has introduced InSite Listeria, a new easy-to-use all-in-one environmental test for Listeria species, which has been certified by AOAC RI.

The new InSite Listeria test was certified as an AOAC RI Performance Tested Method℠ (certification number 061802). The certification verifies that the test detects low levels of Listeria species on stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic surfaces.

Additional testing by Hygiena scientists showed that the new InSite Listeria could more specifically detect presumed positive Listeria, excluding more non-Listeria species than previous tests. This specificity reduces the need for follow-up testing, further reducing the risks of extended product hold times.

Each new InSite Listeria device contains liquid media pre-measured with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and color-changing compounds specific to Listeria spp.  Within 48 hours, the test changes color in the presence of Listeria species. The test is used for environmental monitoring in food processing facilities, food preparation environments, and food retailers after cleaning. Screening out negative samples quickly and easily provides a cost-effective way to increase surveillance, monitor hazards, and control risks.

“Food safety professionals have been looking for more convenient, cost-effective ways to detect Listeria, and we are excited about being able to fill that gap with InSite Listeria,” said Brandon Katz, research and development manager at Hygiena. “The improved specificity of this new test will also make detecting the possible presence of Listeria a much simpler process.”

The new Insite Listeria testing method is self-enclosed and does not require complex laboratory equipment, or additional reagents, reducing sample cross-contamination risks. The new Insite Listeria arrives as government regulators worldwide make monitoring and controlling Listeria a priority.

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