Neogen Corporation has developed AccuClean® Advanced, an enhanced rapid protein test that delivers industry-leading speed and sensitivity for determining the cleanliness of food contact surfaces and equipment.

AccuClean Advanced is a simple, 10-second visual test that reveals detected protein residue through an easy-to-interpret color change. With a protein detection limit of 15 µg/mL, the test provides sensitive, reliable results.

“There is simply no easier, less expensive, or reliable method of quickly and accurately measuring protein residues on a surface than AccuClean Advanced,” says Neogen’s Rob Soule. “It’s the perfect solution for many companies that want a quick indication of the effectiveness of their sanitation processes without the use of an instrument.”

AccuClean Advanced determines cleanliness by detecting any protein residues left behind from previously processed food and liquids. If no protein is detected, the solution in the bottom of the cup will remain copper-colored to indicate the surface is clean. A color change to gray indicates low level protein has been detected, while a change to green/blue or blue indicates a higher level of protein detected.

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