Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has opened its new research facility for quality control in the fruit, vegetable and flower sector. The facility brings together knowledge and expertise in postharvest technology and agro-food robotics. Worldwide, the need for quality conservation is growing: Companies can keep their products fresher and reduce food waste using insights obtained at Wageningen.

To achieve global sustainable growth in fresh produce chains, a multidisciplinary approach is needed. In this renewed, modern research facility, expertise in the physiology, quality and shelf life of fresh products is combined with robotics and vision technologies. Research outcomes are translated by Wageningen experts and companies in the chain into methods that quickly, objectively and accurately measure product quality.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has been researching the quality of fresh vegetables, fruits and cut flowers for more than 80 years—both nationally and internationally. Wageningen's research constantly facilitates unique innovations. A previously developed mobile research facility allows companies and governments in emerging countries to significantly increase the quality and shelf life of their products, expanding existing markets and creating new ones.

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