Top-performing food processors realize the importance of effective microbiological testing. Safety, reputation and business performance depend on it. Microbial strains with confirmed identity, viability and purity, backed by meticulous laboratory procedures that minimize subculturing are important to product safety. And they are important to ATCC. Food processors look to ATCC brands to provide the top-quality microbial strains needed to maintain outstanding quality control (QC) microbiology programs.

Since 1925, ATCC has set the standard for authenticating and distributing biological materials for research and testing in the life sciences. ATCC’s mission is to acquire, authenticate, preserve and distribute biological materials, information, intellectual property and standards for the advancement and application of scientific knowledge.

Whether in quality control testing, process validation or research and development, the microbial strains used should be considered vital factors in generating valid, accurate results. If you think any strains will do, you may want to think again.

To identify microbial strains that are handled, stored and tested with the unparalleled expertise that comes from 80 years of experience, look for the ATCC symbols of quality—the ATCC Licensed Derivative® emblem and the ATCC Genuine Cultures® logo. Microbial strains from ATCC are available directly from ATCC as Genuine Cultures, as well as from a select group of commercial firms as ATCC Licensed Derivatives.

ATCC Licensed Derivative Program and ATCC Genuine Cultures
ATCC established the Licensed Derivative program in 2005 to assure consumers that products carrying this emblem meet ATCC’s world-renowned standards for quality and safety. As members of the program, companies commit to maintaining the integrity of the ATCC microbes contained in their product. In return, the ATCC Licensed Derivative emblem assures customers of the identity, purity and viability of the ATCC strain contained in that product. The ATCC Licensed Derivative emblem signifies ATCC-derived products are endorsed by the organization.

“As a nonprofit company devoted to science and the public health, we take very seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety and quality of the materials provided by ATCC,” explained Raymond H. Cypess, DVM, Ph.D., ATCC President and CEO. “QC microbiologists deserve to know with certainty that any materials they obtain for QC testing are authentic.”

The ATCC Licensed Derivative program benefits both the public and private industry by helping to make QC testing as valid, accurate and effective as it can be.
The following companies are currently members of the ATCC Licensed Derivative program:

• MicroBioLogics Inc.

• PML Microbiologicals

• Gibson Laboratories Inc.

• Mecconti

• Remel Inc.

Products displaying the ATCC Licensed Derivative emblem are the only ones for which the quality of the ATCC ingredient can be properly assured. ATCC does not endorse products that include ATCC cultures from companies that are not members of the LD program.

The ATCC Genuine Cultures emblem was designed to help scientists and QC professionals identify authentic ATCC microbial strains that come directly from ATCC. ATCC Genuine Cultures are backed by meticulous laboratory procedures and decades of experience and represent ATCC high standards of quality for microbial strains:

• Full characterization of each strain to establish identity

• Utilization of a seed stock system to minimize subculturing

• Careful preservation and storage protocols to maintain the culture safely and effectively

As always, a customer who purchases a genuine culture from ATCC (or an authorized international distributor) is receiving a culture that is a direct, minimal-passage descendant of the original material deposited with ATCC. These products are backed by the ATCC warranty and covered by expert technical support.
Don’t take chances on the quality of your cultures. Insist on products that meet ATCC high standards of full characterization and low passage number. Look for the ATCC brand on microbial strains from ATCC or from an authorized ATCC international distributor, as well as on products from members of the Licensed Derivative program.