Paper Pak Industries--a manufacturer of active packaging technology for the food industry--has expanded its line of UltraZap®OdorVac active absorbents that simultaneously capture any confinement odors and reduce bacterial growth in the purge.

UltraZapOdorVac features a proprietary mix of active ingredients and anti-microbials designed specifically for vacuum packages of fresh protein. The active ingredients capture any odor molecules being formed while the anti-microbials slow down bacterial growth, thus reducing amino acid breakdown and the formation of odor molecules. Confinement odors are generated from the breakdown of amino acids present in proteins, either by microbiological or by enzymatic action. The purge is rich in proteins so it can become a good source for the generation of volatile organic sulfur or nitrogen compounds.

Protein processors are realizing several benefits by using the innovative UltraZapOdorVac food safety absorbent, including: reducing consumer returns and related shrink costs; reducing surface bacteria and offensive odors; protein that has less purge and stays fresher longer; protein that is fresher at the sell-by date; providing incremental food safety intervention in the cold chain cycle; and protecting processor and retailer’s brand equity.

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