Hapman, a global manufacturer of conveyors and bulk material handling equipment with thousands of installations worldwide, has announced the expansion of its dust collection line for point-of-use or batching applications. Each dust hood model comes with tool-less filter removal, gas assisted hinged door, reverse pulse filter cleaning and material capture, and MERV 16 rated filters (99.95% minimal efficiency @ .3-1 micron).

The Hapman Dust Collection Series can come with an integral hopper or can be designed to fit an existing in-plant hopper. All units can be equipped with an optional Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor. The FR series offers front panel access to two cartridge filters. Filters are removed by-hand using industrial-grade wing nuts. The SR Series houses a single filter with tool-less side panel filter access. Both of these units are standard, non-washdown duty. The FL Series is a washdown duty rated unit and the GB is equipped with integral glove box for applications where airborne dust is harmful or corrosive for the environment or operators.

Hapman offers its dust collection equipment as a stand-alone purchase or as a component within a material handing skid or system. Each piece of equipment is engineered to work seamlessly with new and existing equipment. Hapman supports its customers with a risk-free Performatee – a 100% operational guarantee that the equipment supplied will perform in-plant as designed.

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