CEIA MS-21 multi-spectrum metal detectors from Heat and Control, Inc. use a simultaneous and continuous spectrum of frequencies to accurately differentiate between metal contaminants and product effect conditions without reducing metal detection sensitivity. This prevents product effect errors for difficult-to-inspect products such as fresh spinach, cheese, ice cream, and multi-product meal kits. Built for wet operating environments, The CEIA 21 Series metal detectors are IP69K-rated for superior wash down protection, and standard features include: a single-button preview of detection settings, such as sensitivity level and estimated detection size of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metals; Bluetooth connectivity for programming and data collection without physically accessing the detector’s interior; Ethernet connection capability; username/password access for multiple users; and compliance with HACCP and FDA Title 21 CFR 11 for traceable inspection event recording and reporting.

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