The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) today published Revision 7 of FSIS Directive 8080.1, Recall of Meat and Poultry Products. This new version of the directive cancels and replaces Revision 6, which was published Oct. 26, 2010.

Revision 7 states: "This directive is being reissued in its entirety to provide guidance regarding recall plans and to incorporate new regulations that address the following:

  1. Official establishments are required to notify their local FSIS District Office (DO) personnel within 24 hours when they learn or determine that adulterated or misbranded product has entered commerce.
  2. If an official establishment notifies FSIS personnel other than the DO that adulterated or misbranded product has entered commerce, those personnel are to contact the DO promptly, through supervisory channels. They are also to notify the establishment that it is still required to contact the DO directly."

Although Directive 8080.1 is ostensibly intended for use by FSIS personnel, it contains information that many involved in meat and poultry processing — from corporate management and plant managers to retail meat managers — should know as well. Contents include:

  • Chapter I – General
  • Chapter II – Determining Need for Recall
  • Chapter III – Recall Committee
  • Chapter IV – Announcing the Recall
  • Chapter V – Effectiveness Checks
  • Chapter VI – Closure and Post-Recall Assessment Report
  • Attachment 1 – Effectiveness Checks
  • Attachment 2 – Factors That Are Considered by the FSIS Recall Committee in Evaluating the Public Health Significance of an Undeclared Ingredient in a Meat or Poultry Product
  • Attachment 3 – Product Recall Guidelines for Firms

The PDF of Revision 7 may be accessed here.