Neogen Corporation announced today that it has acquired the food safety and veterinary genomic assets of Beijing Anapure BioScientific Co., Ltd.––its Chinese distributor, more commonly known as Anapure.

Ties between the two entities go back more than 10 years with Anapure distributing Neogen’s food safety products, and most recently offering their veterinary genomic services.

“As we’ve shown with our acquisitions of successful distributor partners in Europe, Brazil, and elsewhere, creating a direct presence in an important global market can accelerate our expansion into that market,” said James Herbert, Neogen’s chairman and chief executive officer. “China’s burgeoning middle class, with its rapidly growing demand for higher quality meat and dairy products, makes the country a substantial growth opportunity for Neogen products — both for animal production on the country’s farms, and in processing plants throughout China’s food processing and distribution industry.

“Acquiring these strategic assets from Anapure will give us direct access to the western and multinational food companies that have located in China, most of which are already Neogen customers elsewhere,” Herbert continued. “The acquisition will also allow us to build upon our existing Neogen China infrastructure to provide a foothold in Asia, from which we will be able to expand throughout the region.”

Terms of the deal between Neogen and Anapure have not been disclosed.

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