Company: iComplai

Technology Snapshot: iComplai, a Munich based start-up for product safety, launches a food safety platform for manufacturers to assess, monitor and predict the risks of their products and supply chain.

iComplai collects data from various sources including official bodies, ecommerce platforms and consumer portals and transforms these into machine readable datasets, enabling machine learning algorithms like anomaly detection and prediction. The information is presented in an interactive, continuously updated, easy to use dashboard, providing deep and actionable insights for the users. The platform is especially requested by the companies with complex supply chain and the ones which enter into new product categories or re-formulations.

“Product risk assessment can be really complicated, especially without sufficient data to rely on. iComplai product safety platform provides the necessary backbone to make future-proof decisions with 4M+ data points visualizing the past and predicting the future.” said Asli Solmaz-Kaiser, founder & CEO of iComplai. “Our vision is to simplify the lives of quality, R&D, and purchasing managers by providing them the necessary tools & insights for important, strategic decisions regarding product safety and supplier verification.”