Inspectle Food, a food hygiene inspection platform, is set to redefine food hygiene non-conformity management in the U.S. Already trusted across the European market by global food production enterprises such as Lallemand and Saarioinen, Inspectle Food is making waves by helping hundreds of quality teams streamline non-conformity management, resulting in elevated hygiene standards, significant cost savings for enterprises, and enhanced safety for end users.

Inspectle Food empowers quality managers to enhance production hygiene, while reducing waste, customer complaints, and the risk of recalls. Feedback from European users has exceeded the company’s own expectations, and therefore the product is being launched in the U.S.

Inspectle Food transforms food safety management, allowing for effortless hygiene inspections and a remarkable four-times faster resolution of non-conformities. The platform is a time-saving powerhouse, freeing up 400 work hours annually for quality teams. Automatically generated GFSI compliant reports and statistics provide a comprehensive overview, all accessible through a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows. Inspectle Food sets a new standard in efficiency, offering not just a solution but a streamlined experience for enhanced food safety.

Inspectle Food ensures an efficient workflow by automatically assigning, tracking, and supervising non-conformities across departments, generating and monitoring new tasks in real-time. The company’s goal was to create an application that covers all aspects from inspection to reporting, with a user-friendly interface and automatic report generation at the click of a button.

Instead of using long and complex checklists, the software leverages an open-mindset inspection approach, keeping focus on the production environment and real-life issues rather than only focusing on the usual 20–30 bullet point checklists.

Inspectle Food: