Hygiena recently launched its new SureTrend® Cloud tiered Software as a Solution (SaaS) offering for food safety. SureTrend empowers food safety and quality managers with actionable, data-driven insights, which can be leveraged to make important business decisions that reduce risk and maximize profit.

SureTrend offers a robust set of dynamic dashboards that visualize and report on environmental monitoring, food safety, and quality test results across multiple facilities. The solution also sends useful alerts when equipment is not working to specification. The proven and secure system already contains large numbers of accounts in the cloud, and has been enhanced to include a service component for all users.

SureTrend aims to harmonize information found in a food safety program, enabling the easy management of data in a single location, for multipurpose use. With billions of tests carried out each year in the food industry, and with Hygiena diagnostics having a global presence in food manufacturing facilities, Hygiena can help companies generate and utilize immense amounts of food safety analytical data.

SureTrend is advancing global food safety by embracing digital connectivity and continually adding all food safety data points, Hygiena diagnostic results, and other diagnostic findings to the cloud solution. SureTrend informs customers about conformance to food safety programs and provides deeper insights into trends in real time. The software identifies issues before they become serious, with speed and accuracy. Hygiena plans to keep enhancing SureTrend, enabling the software to help with audits, document control, sanitation, traceability, and other food safety actions.

Highlights of the SureTrend Cloud include:

  • Drives organizational insights by visualizing results across multiple facilities and methodologies with complex food safety processes
  • Assesses risks easily by viewing trends and implementing early interventions to reduce risks
  • Prepares for audits by simplifying information through a single data source.

Hygiena also offers various support packages to meet the different needs of its customers:

  • Premium: for food manufacturers who want to track, trend, customize, map, integrate, and view data across a network of sites
  • Power: for food manufacturers who need to track, trend, and map data within a facility
  • Starter: for food manufacturers just beginning to trend data within a facility, provided at no additional charge to current Hygiena customers.

Hygiena: www.hygiena.com