Food processors can now use high-performance X-ray detection systems in harsh washdown environments that are specifically engineered to meet IP69K ingress protection ratings. The Thermo Scientific Xpert X-ray detection systems now offer an optional, upgraded IP69K design, intended to ensure every part can withstand years of water spray up to 1,450 psi at 80 degrees Celsius.

The IP69K rating is available for the first time as an option on Thermo Fisher’s complete line of X-ray inspection systems, including the Thermo Scientific XpertC, XpertS and XpertHD models.

Biological food safety incidents pose a serious risk for many food producers, particularly those that handle meat, poultry, seafood, produce and dairy products. These companies are implementing rigorous sanitation procedures that involve harsh cleaning agents and hot water at high pressure. IP69K-rated X-ray inspection systems enable food producers to find a wider range of foreign objects in these harsh environments than existing IP69K metal detectors can identify.  At the same time, using an IP69K-rated inspection system allows food producers to avoid expensive downtime and costly repairs associated with water intrusion.

“Food safety outbreaks like E. Coli and Salmonella are dangerous to human health and can cause serious harm to brands. Biological food safety hazards can result in excessive scrap, costly recalls, fines from the FDA or class action consumer lawsuits,” said Alexander Kinne, application engineer, metal detection and X-ray inspection, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “As a result, food producers continuously strive to improve cleanliness and sanitation to prevent outbreaks, which can be harsh on an inspection system over the course of its lifetime. The IP69K rating on our X-ray systems make them a viable, long-term option for these intense washdown environments.”

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