Company: EnviroLogix Inc.

Technology Snapshot: EnviroLogix Inc. launched QuickTox Flex for the detection of aflatoxin and fumonisin in masa flour. QuickTox Flex is EnviroLogix’ state-of-the-art mycotoxin testing line of products designed for easy, accurate, and fast quantification of mycotoxin contamination in grain and grain by-products.   

“EnviroLogix is committed to providing the agricultural market with innovative solutions to meet the increasing needs of our customers,” said Bill Welch, president of EnviroLogix Inc. “Thanks to the work of our dedicated research and development team, we are able to supply this essential tool for producers of masa flour, giving them the answers required to satisfy the demands of their customers.”

QuickTox Flex for masa flour brings the benefits of the Flex line of mycotoxin assays to the corn milling market, such as less hands-on time, temperature and humidity control, and expanded quantification ranges. With the addition of these matrices, aflatoxin and fumonisin can be accurately tested in 10 minutes using a simple procedure with one extract.

According to Ian Farmer, vice president, global sales, "The addition of masa flour to EnviroLogix’ product portfolio provides a decision-point test to equip our customers, specifically corn processors, with a screening tool that will improve both operational efficiency and product quality.”

EnviroLogix Inc. is a producer of GMO and mycotoxin tests serving the food and feed safety markets. The company continues to provide innovative solutions as the sole supplier of on-site quantitative GMO protein detection and were the first to offer LFD technology for mycotoxin screening in grain. EnviroLogix’ dedication to scientific innovation and providing exceptional solutions for today’s identity-preservation and food-safety supply chains remains at the forefront.

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