Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has announced the release of the TD-30 series of thermal desorption systems. These pretreatment, sample introduction units will be available for use with Shimadzu’s new Nexis GC-2030 Gas Chromatograph as well as its entire GCMS product line. With large sample capacities, an efficient workflow, and a robust design, they are ideally suited for the analysis of trace components in such industries as environmental, chemical, food and more.

The TD-30 series consists of two models. The TD-30 is equipped with a 60-sample carousel. The TD-30R has the ability to hold 120 samples, the largest capacity in the industry, making it well-suited to large-volume automated analysis. Both are equipped with a retrapping function that allows split samples desorbed from the tube and loaded into the GCMS to be trapped again for potential re-measurement. An overlap function dramatically improves processing functionality by starting pretreatment of a sample while the previous sample is still being analyzed. The ability to add an internal standard in the TD-30R allows highly accurate, reliable quantitative analysis, even of trace components.

Both thermal desorption units have been designed for ease of use and simplified maintenance. The sample tray position has been lowered to make it easier to use, and consumables can be replaced easily without using tools. A software function maintains a record of consumables and maintenance parts usage, which helps to minimize downtime by ensuring appropriate parts are in stock. In addition, the TD-30 models feature a built-in tube protection sensor, which significantly reduces tube damage during cap removal. The TD-30R also offers the option for a barcode reader, which enables reliable sample management and verification of tubing conditions during an analysis.

The Shimadzu TD-30 series systems can be used for a variety of applications, including for flavor components in food products.