An innovative seal detection software has been developed by Ravenwood for its VXR® Vision Pack Inspection System—an end-of-line solution for analyzing contaminants and ensuring flawless linerless labels. The new detection software, which guarantees 100 percent accuracy, is now available to existing VXR customers, and can be ordered as an optional feature on new machines.

With the increasing prevalence of end-of-line automation, it important to ensure product pack quality inspection using automated systems instead of relying on the human eye and camera-based frameworks. Ravenwood’s X-ray inspection technology now allows for both standard product contamination checks as well as the new seal contamination detection.

Contaminated packs that reach supermarket shelves can lead to rapid product spoilage and reduced shelf life. While faulty packs are sometimes removed from shelves by the retailer before purchase, it is often the consumer who discovers the contamination at home. In both scenarios, the brand owner (and sometimes the packer) can face fines, resulting in financial loss and damage to brand reputation.

Traditional fault-finding methods pose numerous challenges. Detecting seal contamination is particularly difficult at high running speeds, and when there is minimal color contrast between the contaminant and the tray (such as beef in black MAP trays), detection becomes even more challenging, especially with optical camera-based systems.

The new seal contamination inspection system operates automatically with minimal operator input, ensuring thorough checks on each pack, even at high line speeds. It seamlessly integrates standard X-ray capabilities, displaying two images on the VXR interface: one for standard X-ray contamination detection and another for the new seal contamination detection.

The VXR® Vision Pack Inspection System is available as a standalone unit with Vision (or Vision alone), and can be integrated with the Ravenwood Nobac 5000 range of linerless label applicators.