Guaranteeing food hygiene and safety is crucial to preventing foodborne illnesses and upholding product quality. Neglecting hygiene standards can lead to financial losses, damage to reputation, and legal repercussions. 

Megadyne, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance power transmission and conveying belts, champions food safety through its range of food-contact timing belts. Ideal for diverse food industries from bakery, dairy, and meat, through fruits and vegetables to beverage production, these belts ensure seamless operations while upholding durability, sanitation, and efficiency standards throughout the production process.

The Backbone of Food Safety

Food production requires strict adherence to hygiene standards to ensure consumer safety. Here’s how Megadyne can support your efforts:

  • MEGALINEAR FC: Our advanced food-grade urethan synchronous belts are engineered to offer exceptional resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Certified for both wet and dry food contact, these belts are perfectly suited for a broad range of conveying and processing applications in the food and packaging industry. 

Prioritizing food safety, we proudly present the MEGALINER FC XMD series, featuring an X-ray and metal-detectable compound. These belts guarantee power and precision in synchronous conveying, meeting the highest standards for food contact with unmatched reliability and hygiene. 

  • MEGAPOWER FC: Casted endless urethane belts are designed for both dry and wet food contact handling applications. Their blue colour compound offers good chemical resistance, ideal for power transmission exposed to regular sanitation and cleaning.
  • MEGAFLEX FC and XMD: These truly endless food-grade urethane belts stand out with their distinct blue colour and offer optional X-ray and metal detectability, thanks to a specialized metal-detectable compound. These attributes notably boost food safety in your production lines. 

Engineered for heavy-duty power transmission and conveying, these belts demonstrate exceptional performance and reliability. Available in various pitches and sizes, we guarantee flexible production to meet your specific belt length needs, accommodating a wide range of applications.

Megadyne food-contact timing belts comply with international food safety regulations such as the European EU1935/2004, EU10/2011, and EU 174/2015 and the American FDA for direct contact with food.

Safeguard Product Integrity and Customer Trust

At Megadyne, we continuously strive to expand our selection of food-grade belts to safeguard both your products and brand reputation.

Experience the benefits of a safe production with Megadyne. Contact our experts!