To get a taste of the discussions that were happening at the 2024 Food Safety Summit, we spoke face-to-face with Melody Ge, M.S., FSQA, Director at Starkist Co. and Co-Founder of Women in Food Safety (WIFS); Jacqueline Southee, Ph.D., North American Representative at Foundation FSSC and Co-Founder of WIFS; Jill Hoffman, M.S., Senior Director of Food Safety and Quality at B&G Foods; Anjan Chatterji, M.B.A., J.D., LL.M., CEO of NOMADX Holdings; Jorge Hernandez, Vice President of Quality Assurance at The Wendy’s Company; Chirag Bhatt, RS, CCFS, Director of Regulatory Affairs at HS GovTech Solutions; Tyler Williams, CEO of ASI Food; Marc Cwikowski and Tülay Kahraman, Co-Founders at World of Auditing; and Angela Nardone, COO of Share-ify. Discussions covered the advancement of female food safety professionals, allergen control in both foodservice and food processing, the future of food safety auditing, and other topics.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak with:

  • Melody, Jacqueline, and Jill [2:27] about the work of WIFS, and how women professionals in food safety can support themselves and each other
  • Anjan [20:59] about how the NOMADX platform helps enhance food safety and save lives
  • Jorge and Chirag [38:06] about the crucial importance of addressing allergens in both foodservice and food processing
  • Tyler [58:08] about mitigating possible food safety risks posed by disgruntled employees
  • Marc and Tülay [1:11:59] about the outcomes of a think tank on the future of food safety auditing, incorporating insights from more than 30 professionals from 18 countries
  • Angela [1:28:31] about common gaps in food companies’ traceability programs and how Share-ify provides a solution.

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