AIB International has conducted a comprehensive research study to address the challenges and uncertainties that per- and polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) pose to the food industry, in an effort to provide actionable insights that pave the way for safer food practices worldwide. The findings are presented in a free e-book, titled, Transforming Food Safety in the Age of PFAS: A Research Report on Industry Challenges.

The research illuminated several best practices that can be adopted immediately by food safety professionals to mitigate the impact of PFAS. Such strategies include developing a comprehensive knowledge base, implementing rigorous testing procedures, fostering transparent supplier relationships, and engaging in continuous education to stay abreast of regulatory developments.

AIB underscores the importance of ongoing education, rigorous research, and collaborative efforts to foster a culture of safety and excellence that resonates throughout the food industry, even in light of emerging challenges, such as PFAS.