The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently published a webpage to guide businesses on the authorization process for cell-based (also known as “cell-cultivated,” “cell-cultured,” and “lab-grown”) food products in England and Wales. Cell-based products must be authorized, after undergoing a safety assessment, before they can be placed on the market in Great Britain.

Because of the variety of cell-cultured products and complex production techniques involved, different regulations may apply to the process of their authorization. Such products will also need to comply with regulations that are applicable to all food on the market, such as hygiene rules and general food law.

The webpage includes information about:

  • Applying for authorization
  • Applying for authorization under UK novel food regulations
  • Applying for authorization under genetic modification regulations
  • Data protection
  • Product safety
  • Labeling
  • Research on cell-cultivated products
  • Novel food tasting trials.

Links to application portals, registers of authorized foods, and relevant regulations and studies can be found on the webpage.