This year’s World Food Safety Day will be celebrated on June 7, 2023 to raise awareness and initiate actions to help prevent, detect, and manage risks in food production and processing.

Sesotec’s mission is to increase the profitability of safe food production while reducing waste with smart technologies and services. To raise awareness of the importance of food safety, Sesotec will participate in World Food Safety Day on June 7, 2023 by hosting events at seven showrooms worldwide: Dorsten, Germany; Milan, Italy; Rennes, France; Pune, India; Bangkok, Thailand; Guelph, Ontario, Canada; and Bartlett, Illinois, U.S.

Sesotec will offer discussions on the status quo of food safety, foreign object detection with X-ray systems, the latest innovations in metal detection with artificial intelligence (AI), and other topics. Also presented will be features of the Sesotec Compliance Package, which ensures product safety and compliance at all stages of production.

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