In celebration of World Food Safety Day, on June 7, 2023 the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and partner organizations will be holding four virtual events discussing different aspects of food safety and promoting new resources.

Registration for all events can be found here. The events can also be accessed without registering or after they have taken place through an FAO webcast. The times, topics, and programs for the events are as follows:

  1. Assessing Food Safety and Plant Health in 11 Countries in Africa: a Panel Discussion,” held at 11:00 A.M.–12:00 P.M. CEST (5:00–6:00 A.M. ET) and hosted by FAO and the EU International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat, will cover the aims and benefits of a new project to assess food safety and plant health in African countries
  2. A “World Food Safety Day High-Level Event,” held at 12:15–1:30 P.M. CEST (6:15–7:30 A.M. ET) and hosted by FAO and the World Health Organization (WHO), will be a celebration of and learning opportunity about how food safety standards contribute to saving lives
  3. A “First Peek Inside a New Food Safety Toolbox,” held at held at 3:00–4:00 P.M. CEST (9:00–10:00 A.M. ET) and hosted by FAO, will provide stakeholders a glance at new food safety resources on Good Hygiene Practices (GHPs) and Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  4. An opportunity to “Ask Us Anything About Food Safety,” held at 4:30–5:30 P.M. CEST (10:30–11:30 A.M. ET) and hosted by FAO and the World Food Program, will allow stakeholders to meet five technical experts who advise governments and ensure safe food along the supply chain in humanitarian operations.

“Food Standards Save Lives” will be the theme for the fifth annual World Food Safety Day, taking place June 7, 2023. Follow Food Safety Magazine’s World Food Safety Day coverage to stay up-to-date with resources and events.