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Keynote Presentation: Being Right is Not Enough: Leading Food Safety in a Corporate and Global Environment

5/8/24 8:00 am to 5/8/25 CDT
Contact: Vania Halabou

Leading food safety in a corporate and global environment is a daunting task that requires much more than the technical credentials young leaders often depend on. Coaching and developing the next generation of food safety leaders means changing the narrative and building business leaders who lead food safety. Themes that will be discussed include finding your way as a food safety leader in the corporate environment, which can be challenging for new leaders. Influencing and driving change require more art than science, and many are only equipped with the science. Credibility means building trust. It is essential to focus on building authentic relationships during peace time that will carry you through conflict. The ideas of governance and authority are also explored—particularly where they come from, and how not to flex either.

Mary Weaver Gertz
Chief Food Safety and QA Officer
Yum! Brands, Inc.

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