Moth infestations of stored products can cost businesses time and money in operation shutdowns, cleaning, fumigation, and insecticide treatments. Suterra, a producer of pheromone-based pest control, has announced a sustainable solution to moth control for the commercial food processing industry. The new CheckMate Puffer IMM is the world’s first indoor aerosol mating disruption product.

Suterra’s CheckMate Puffer IMM is easy to deploy and stops moth infestations by preventing the pests from mating. The product sprays a nontoxic, species-specific pheromone into the air to confuse moths and deter them from breeding. It has shown to be effective at controlling populations of Indianmeal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, raisin moth, tropical warehouse moth and tobacco moth for six months or more. Over the span of five years and in more than 30 trials, CheckMate Puffer IMM has been tested to ensure the best performance and control against moths in a wide array of food settings. The pest control solution is also made with trusted Puffer technology that has been used by thousands of growers worldwide.