FoodChain ID has launched Sustainable Packaging Services, a suite of products and expert-guided services to help food brands and their supply chains meet market demands for sustainable packaging. Sustainable Packaging Services combines new and existing digital services that enable manufacturers to monitor and respond to changing global regulations on sustainable packaging.

Sustainability remains a key focus for CPG companies, with consumer demand and regulations both driving the market. In the EU, for example, a major proposed regulation covers packaging and its waste to ensure that all packaging on the EU market is reusable or has the provision for high-quality, closed-loop recycling in an economically viable way by 2030. Concurrently in the U.S., diverse regulations at the state level are creating a need for real-time regulatory monitoring. To date, 12 U.S. states have banned single-use plastic bags, and four states have adopted Extended Producer Responsibility laws to help fund recycling programs.

FoodChain ID’s Sustainable Packaging Services includes:

  • Packaging Sustainability Trends: Search emerging trends and hotspots globally and regionally, with filters for bioplastics, environmental claims, recycling processes, and single-use plastic regulations
  • Packaging Sustainability Reports and Digests: Global, monthly subject matter expert reports with impact analysis on topics such as substances of concern, chemical and mechanical recycling, circular economy, and Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Regulatory Library Sustainability Module: Search and review a comprehensive global library of packaging sustainability and related environmental sustainability documents by region, country, state, citation, or specific keywords
  • Packaging Compliance Solution: Assess and manage food contact and packaging compliance, author and review Declarations of Compliance (DoC), perform migration analysis, collect supplier information, and automate customer communication
  • Packaging Sustainability Expertise: Customized food/cosmetics contact and packaging sustainability consulting and Expertise as a Service (EaaS) with global subject matter expertise and hands-on resources to support business goals.

The new offerings within Sustainable Packaging Services were developed under the guidance of FoodChain ID’s Customer Advisory Board, which includes some of the largest Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies in the world.

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