Pure Green Farms is a greenhouse operator growing leafy greens in South Bend, Indiana. It recently received investment from Taylor Farms, a North American producer of salads and healthy fresh foods with over 122,200 acres of field grown products and 16 salad producing facilities across North America.

Pure Green Farms operates one of the most efficient, automated greenhouse systems and selected iUNU to provide artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to automate operations and steer better crop performance at scale. iUNU’s LUNA Platform provides growers the most advanced horticultural technology on the market and helps greenhouse operators drive higher yields and produce better crops.

Growers at Pure Green Farms have already begun utilizing components of LUNA such as Time Travel to improve crop health. In one instance, growers in South Bend collaborated with iUNU remotely through LUNA to identify issues in the facility and take immediate action based on actionable data and in-field observations. LUNA helps growers scout remotely and Time Travel allows growers and crop consultants to go back in time to see every plant at any point in time.

This ensures there is no ambiguity as to when issues arise and what happened in the past to correctly root cause.