George Hatziemanuel is the Marketing Product Manager for Lab Weighing, covering analytical, precision, and moisture balances.

Carl Joslyn is the Marketing Product Manager for Industrial products, covering bench and floor weighing products used in food and industrial applications. Carl has been with OHAUS for over 21 years developing and marketing Industrial products.

Peter Will is the Marketing Product Manager for Laboratory Equipment, which includes products used in Food Safety Labs such as pH Meters, Centrifuges, and Hot Plate Stirrers.  Peter has over 15 years of experience with product development and marketing of small benchtop lab equipment.  

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In this BONUS episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak with George, Carl, and Peter about:

  • OHAUS’s history with solving food processing challenges 
  • The areas of food processing where OHAUS has the strongest presence
  • The wide range of equipment OHAUS offers
  • How moisture analyzers can be used for food development and processing
  • Applications for pH meters, sample prep equipment, check weighers and scales in food processing
  • The features that you should look for in a piece of equipment to support food safety
  • Maintenance requirements for scales and lab equipment to help ensure accurate and reliable results
  • The most common data requirements for food processing

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