Anysort U.S.A. is excited to participate in PACK EXPO 2021 and will be showcasing its new cloud-based sorting machine with Hawk-Eye recognition technology and shape sorting automation for inshell walnuts and peanuts, the TK64, and its infrared color sorter with Hawk-Eye recognition technology for kernels of walnuts, pecans, almonds, and pistachios, the VR164+.

Offering its award-winning, cloud quality-sorting acumen, the TK64 presents high-dimensional material fingerprint perception technology, high-definition image acquisition, and bud location analysis technology. Its multi-dimensional algorithm represents the trinity of color sorting, shape sorting, and impurity recognition with remarkable accuracy.

The cloud-based VR164+ offers international advanced multi-spectral analysis technology, along with Hawk-Eye recognition technology and intelligent shape-sorting automation. This machine can accurately recognize and remove plastic particles, glass, animal waste, insects, sunflower gum, and other malignant impurities.

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