Pest management is an important element in any poultry operation. From food safety concerns to reduction in production efficiency, pests can cause serious economic losses for producers and be a nuisance to workers. There are several ways a producer can decrease insect populations on their farm, and one of the most effective ways is through insecticide treatments. 

Using the extensive and expanding portfolio of Elanco insecticides, producers can increase the effectiveness of their pest management programs for flies and beetles while also reducing the potential of chemical resistance with proper rotations. The portfolio includes: 

  • Brands that control immature and adult flies reduce two life stages at the same time resulting in reduced fly populations.
  • Brands that control pests in and around animal facilities and on animals allow for flexibility in application.
  • Brands with a broad spectrum of pests on the label allow the control of flies and beetles when they are present.
  • Brands that control beetles infesting poultry houses provide producers with a complete chemical class rotation with four different chemical classes to reduce the potential of resistance.

“The expanded portfolio of products allows poultry producers and custom applicators to use Elanco products in a rotation and reduce the potential of beetle and fly resistance by using four different classes of products (spinosyns, organophosphates, neonicotinoids, and pyrethroids),” said Richard Hack, an Elanco pest management consultant. “The portfolio also gives producers flexibility in applications (sprays, dusts, granular baits, spot sprays, residual sprays, and foggers) and in feed products. Elanco now has the largest portfolio of bioprotection products globally.”

Implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that includes insecticides reaps a variety of benefits to poultry operations. By taking a proactive approach, producers can better reduce fly and beetle populations.

Producers can contact their Elanco technical consultant to learn more about the products offered for their poultry operations and discuss ways to develop a well-planned IPM program.

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