The Center for Produce Safety (CPS) has announced that it has obtained more funding for its latest research capital campaign. 

Major contributors to CPS's research program say that investing in the food safety of fresh produce comes down to pride, potential, partnership, and priorities. 

Sysco, conventional and organic grower Tanimura & Antie, and grower groups California Fresh Fruit Association and Washington State True Fruit Association have each contributed $250,000 to the campaign. All four organizations are repeat supporters of CPS. 

CPS launched its latest campaign in January 2021, after a quiet phase in 2020. As of yet, CPS has raised nearly $7 million towards a $15 million goal to fund its work over the next five years. 

CPS finances food safety research, specifically on produce, then transfers the research learnings to industry, government, and other stakeholders through its online research database, webinars, and an annual Research Symposium, held virtually in 2020 and 2021.

A current list of contributors, as of August 2021, can be viewed here.