The Global Harmonization Institute (GHI) has announced a new website, the Whistleblower Food Safety Incident Report Site, which is available to anyone in any country who works in the food and beverage industry, to report food safety issues. 

The food and beverage industry provides safe products for the world's population. However, sometimes by accident or on purpose, food is produced that does not meet required safety standards. This is a serious concern and something GHI would like to help prevent. 

Even with the level of protection that some countries provide, people can sometimes still be in fear of being identified as a "whistleblower." Because of this and with the increasing need for fast alerting of food safety issues, GHI has set up the Whistleblower Food Safety Incident Report site, an easily accessible online reporting tool. It's currently available in English and will soon be made available in other languages as well. 

All of the incident reports that GHI receives will be evaluated by a team of food safety experts. For those concerns that GHI confirms as serious (i.e., could cause serious harm to consumers), GHI will inform local authorities within the country of interest and ask them to investigate. The site is also being launched with a social media awareness campaign for people employed in the food and beverage industry to report any serious safety concerns that they have.