Wendy White is the Industry Manager for Food and Beverage for Georgia Tech’s Georgia Manufacturing Extension Program (GaMEP). She serves as GaMEP’s food safety expert to Georgia food businesses by providing educational outreach and aiding the improvement of food safety and quality systems. 

Before joining academia in 2019, Wendy spent the first 17 years of her career in food manufacturing and distribution, most recently as a Corporate Director of Food Safety & Quality for Golden State Foods.

Wendy received her BS in Biology at the University of Georgia and stayed to complete her MS in Food Science under the tutelage of Dr. Larry Beuchat.

She has been a member of the IAFP since 2001 and has been deeply involved with many Professional Development Groups over the years.  In 2011, she was honored to receive the IAFP President’s Recognition Award from Dr. Lee-Ann Jakus.

Wendy has presented at many industry conferences over the years and has published articles in the Journal of Food Protection and Food Safety Magazine, among others.  She currently serves on the Editorial Board of Food Safety Magazine and is a previous member of the BRCGS International Advisory Board.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Wendy about [6:46]:

    The role of the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership in professional education

    The educational opportunities that are offered

    Customized training

    Playing the matchmaker of educational resources

    Transitioning from corporate America to academia

    Shifting from in-person instruction to virtual

    Advantages and disadvantages of virtual training

    How to boost student engagement

    Lessons learned about virtual training

    Honing one’s teaching approach

    Using personal stories as teachable moments

    In-class brainstorming

    How virtual extends training globally and enhances global communication

    Training after the pandemic

News and Resources:

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FDA Launches Traceability Challenge [4:05]

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