In honor of Douglas Machines Corp.’s 40th Anniversary, and to highlight custom racks design engineered exclusively by Douglas, the company will give away two of their newest custom wash racks at Pack Expo, Sept. 23–24, 2019, Booth 8476, in Las Vegas.

2-Sided, 3-Tier Adjustable Wash Rack
The 2-3-4 tier adjustable wash rack is versatile because it can accommodate a variety of different sized containers or trays, thereby often reducing the number of wash racks needed for specific containers.

These sanitary designed wash racks allow for adding and/or changing the products in the rack via an adjustable product guide without requiring additional racks or resulting in obsolete racks due to changing container sizes. The flexibility saves time, floor space, and money while getting more use out of one rack.

Adjustable Scale Parts Hopper & Feeder Pan Wash Rack
The Douglas custom wash rack for scale parts is specifically designed to hold weigh hoppers, feeder pans, and chutes that consistently require a thorough cleaning to avoid contamination. This adjustable wash rack can be used for weigh scale parts of varied sizes since the feeder pan product guides and weigh hopper product rods can effortlessly be adjusted for different widths and heights of the parts.

Intended for easily maximizing set up and takedown, the sanitary rack is a result of work with multi-head manufacturers and customer input to resolve the issue of parts remaining in place during a powerful cleaning mode as well as transport, while extending the life of parts.

The rack package (valued at $3,508) will be on display at Pack Expo booth #4852. For details on the Rack-A-Palooza Giveaway visit

Industries have diverse washer needs, which translates to designing racks for various applications. Douglas Machines' custom wash racks are constructed of stainless steel and designed to hold a wide variety of containers common to the bakery and food processing industries. Sizes and capacities are dependent on the available wash zone, which is specific to a particular model. Each wash rack is intended to hold containers in the proper position in relation to spray patterns, in order to maximize cleaning effectiveness and drain properly.

Wash racks are fabricated to exacting quality and regulatory standards, protecting parts during cleaning and transport, while extending parts life. Select from an assortment of standard offerings or work with our design team to develop an industry-specific custom design solution.

Douglas Machines Corp. cooperates with major food processors as well as weigh scale manufacturers in developing the company’s Scale Parts Washer and associated wash racks. The Douglas engineering team recently developed the 2-Sided, 2-,3-, and 4-Tier Adjustable Wash Rack due to customer feedback and market demand for racks that reduce the amount of space taken up in a wash area. These custom scale parts racks are design engineered exclusively by Douglas for washing, transporting, and storage.

Machines and racks are built to order, and customers are offered a variety of options and upgrades to meet the changing needs of the industry as well as meeting company design preferences.

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