The EvaClean Touchless Electrostatic Disinfecting and Food Contact Surface Sanitizing System is a safer and more sustainable method for preventing food and beverage contamination with much greater efficiency. This holistic system is standardized around hypochlorous acid-based chemistry in easy-to-use effervescent tablet form, which helps to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces, while reducing exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals. 

EvaClean is also working to define safer electrostatic sprayer guidelines, participating in third-party feasibility studies to demonstrate increased compliance with proven, enhanced cleaning protocols. 

EvaClean's proprietary program incorporates best practice processes, including employee training, procedures, support, standardized labeling, and instructions for fool-proof chemical application. EvaClean makes controlling contamination much safer, faster, and more effective so food manufacturers, preparers, and consumers alike can benefit from a healthier sanitation solution.

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