To help the food industry, regulators, and consumers to better understand what’s required under new menu labeling rules, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shared a new online education module

This new online tool includes:

  • Descriptions regarding what establishment types and food types are covered by menu labeling laws, and how to comply with those regulations
  • Fact sheets on menu labeling and more about declaring calories

In May, FDA finalized draft guidance to further assist restaurants and similar retail food establishments to implement the requirements of the menu labeling final rule. For the first year of implementation, FDA’s plan is to focus on education, outreach, and working cooperatively with establishments to help them comply with the menu labeling regulations.

According to FDA:

The menu labeling regulations apply to restaurants and similar retail food establishments that meet certain criteria, such as being part of a chain of 20 or more locations. These establishments must post calories for many food items that they sell, and they must also meet other requirements. For example, they must provide upon request, written nutrition information for certain nutrients for standard menu items. Examples of food that would have such labeling in covered establishments may include meals from sit-down restaurants, foods purchased at drive-through windows, and take-out food such as sandwiches ordered from a menu board at a grocery store or fast-food restaurant.

The information required by the menu labeling regulations will help consumers make more informed choices about their diets and health.

See the new online module at

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