Emport LLC, North American supplier of Biomedal’s GlutenTox and AlerTox test kits, has announced new training programs and materials to augment its food safety and allergen control portfolio. Emport’s new offerings include:                                 

  • Customized training sessions: customers new and old can now schedule video training sessions with ease, no matter where they are located.
  • Controls for training and validation: specialized positive and negative gluten controls are available for learning purposes and matrix validation.
  • Downloadable resources: a new series of informative guidelines for any facility thinking about setting up a new or improved allergen control plan.

“Maintaining a safe, gluten-free manufacturing environment is hard work, and so we pride ourselves on offering easy solutions,” says Emport LLC president Emily Kaufman. “These new resources equip our clients with additional confidence, allowing them to catch potential hazards and avoid recalls."

Training sessions are designed to increase user confidence and reduce user error during on-site gluten testing. Thanks to simple video technology, an Emport staff member can be available whenever is best for busy quality assurance professionals. In a custom- tailored training session, food safety team members can address site-specific concerns and also learn how GlutenTox Pro can test foods and surfaces for gluten.                            

By offering controls, Emport LLC offers additional confidence via matrix validation for companies concerned about gluten contamination. As part of its AOAC validation, GlutenTox Pro was evaluated for interference and cross-reactivity from a variety of common gluten-free ingredients – but individualized validation is always helpful.

Quality control team members can also use the controls to follow along during video training. “Testing samples with known allergen levels gives you confidence in your method, and confidence that your staff can deliver accurate results,” says Catherine Torgler, international sales and marketing director for Biomedal.

To round out the training sessions, Emport LLC has also published a series of free resources on topics important for allergen control: sample selection, best practices for testing, record keeping, and more. These new downloads join Emport LLC’s other white papers on topics ranging from total polar compound detection in frying oil, to allergen control case studies.

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