Emport has introduced a two new product lines.

The first is produced by Biomedal for the purpose of testing foods and surfaces for common allergens.

AlerTox Sticks allergen test kits detect traces of common Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 ingredients that can contaminate allergen-free food. These test kits can detect traces of all kinds of allergens--almonds, crustacean, eggs and others. The test is quick and reliable with results ready in 10 minutes.                                             

AlerTox Sticks kits are specially designed to help manufacturers keep their items free from the proteins that cause allergic reaction. The test kit is user-friendly as no lab equipment or scientific knowledge is required. And the allergen test strips can easily be adapted to testing for surface contamination. It’s a must-have for any manufacturer or commercial kitchen that wants to ensure food safety.

Next is another test kit by Emport--GlutenTox Pro Surface, designed to meet demand for cost-efficient, space-saving gluten test kit for surfaces. Facilities that produce both traditional and gluten-free products are particularly vulnerable to trace contamination of gluten. A quick swab of the equipment and facility surfaces can ensure adequate sanitization between production runs.

GlutenTox Pro Surface is small, portable, and extremely easy to use. In 10 minutes, surfaces can be examined to make sure they have been cleaned adequately and do not contain trace amounts of gluten (for example, from flour dust in the air settling on countertops). This kit is easy to use with no need for special equipment--everything is included.        

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