The technology and assets of Ozone International, a nonchemical food safety company based on ozone technology, have been acquired by recently established TriStrata Group a 100 percent subsidiary of Wheatsheaf Group. By way of the acquisition, TriStrata Group will broaden its scope of responsible food quality and food safety technologies.

Ozone International provides food safety applications to North American customers by using ambient air and a small amount of electricity to generate ozone, ultimately disinfecting food and food processing facilities without the use of chemicals. The company has more than 500 users of its products--including many leading protein, produce and prepared foods companies--to enhance the quality and safety of their food.

TriStrata Group will retain all of Ozone International’s employees, will continue to invest in key personnel, develop innovative technology and improve its core business segments. The transaction will help Tristrata Group meet the growing global demand for safer, cleaner food.