RGF Environmental Group, Inc., creator of advanced environmental products providing the world with safe air, water, and food without the use of chemicals, will place its Food Surface Sanitation Tunnels in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. The systems will serve as the final food safety intervention for a broad range of whole fresh fruits and vegetables going into the embassy’s commissaries.

“They’re looking for pathogen reductions and their needs are a bit different. They’re running more than just one product--everything from grapes to watermelons--and preferred an alternative to liquid sprays or baths. We offered the only effective nonchemical, nonliquid intervention solution,” says Ron Fink, RGF President/CEO.

RGF’s Sanitation Tunnel is a breakthrough food processing system that uses the company’s patented Photohydroionization®, PHI Cell® for short, a chemical-free, advanced oxidation technology that reduces microbial contamination. Products enter the tunnel on an open weave stainless steel conveyor belt and receive 360-degree surface treatment through a dry environment process that does not affect taste or appearance. Due to its modular design the patent-pending system can be configured to meet customers’ precise requirements. The Food Surface Sanitation Tunnel has been proven effective in a number of food processing settings and has been shown to be a potent method of pathogen control for a host of applications including beef, pork, poultry, seafood, fruits, and vegetables.