BioControl Systems, Inc. has received MicroVal approval [Certificate 2015LR50] for Assurance GDS® Salmonella Tq. The approval is validated for raw beef, delicatessen and heat treated meat products, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and environmental samples. Using BioControl System’s mEHEC enrichment broth, Assurance GDS features an enrichment time of 10 hours and has been validated using the ISO 16140 standard.

The Assurance GDS pathogen detection platform offers many advantages to food producers and commercial labs. The proprietary PickPen® IMS sample preparation procedure quickly and effectively captures Salmonella, separating the pathogen from inhibitory background materials ensuring valid PCR reactions for all sample types, including challenging food and environmental samples. Assurance GDS PCR technology provides two additional levels of specificity through the use of both highly specific primers and probes to ensure accurate detection of Salmonella.

“We are pleased to offer the quick enrichment time and reliability of a MicroVal-approved Salmonella method customers can use to meet their testing needs,” says Verena Peggion, European marketing manager at BioControl. “Fast results are critical for perishable foods, and with this new Salmonella approval, results are possible on the same day.”

The Assurance GDS pathogen detection system includes assays for E. coli O157:H7, E. coli O104, Non-O157 Top STEC, Shiga Toxin Genes, Listeria spp., Listeria monocytogenes and Cronobacter. Assays have been validated by a variety of third parties including AOAC, AFNOR, MicroVal, and Health Canada, as well as, many multinational food manufacturing companies.