Waters Corporation has announced that VICAM®, a Waters® Business, now offers a single extraction method for the detection of aflatoxins and fumonisins in corn and grain. The Afla-V® AQUA™ and Fumo-V® AQUA™ provide quantitative results in only 5 minutes (after extraction/sample prep). The simple, one-step, water-based process eliminates solvent use completely. Extraction is performed using a simple, environmentally safe solution which requires no special handling, mixing or blending.

“Afla-V® AQUA™ and Fumo-V® AQUA™ are designed to make mycotoxin monitoring more accessible by enabling early detection and quantitation while also eliminating the dependence on chemicals that may be difficult to obtain, store and use in a safe manner,” says Marjorie Radlo-Zandi, managing director, VICAM. “All this is accomplished while delivering a performance that meets quality and regulatory standards that safeguard food and feed products worldwide.”

Afla-V® AQUA™ and Fumo-V® AQUA™ are now both available worldwide.