Bureau Veritas has launched a new digital service to help food retailers and restaurateurs manage food safety and operations effectively and cost-efficiently. SAFEOPS--powered by Eezytrace--enables retailers and restaurant chains to carry out all of the daily checks they need to deliver high-quality, safe products to their customers and quickly identify and resolve any problems that pose a threat to their reputation.

SAFEOPS provides an innovative solution to this common problem. By using the Eezytrace software, employees collect all data on customized, easy-to-use tablets. Data is centralized and made available to all concerned parties in real time: site managers, quality and operations managers at head office, and Bureau Veritas as an independent third party.

By centralizing data in this way, brands are able to optimize their audit and control plans and budgets. Improved data tracking and visualization enable both company managers and Bureau Veritas to identify sites with difficulties, thus allowing for a customized approach to helping them improve. Support typically involves more frequent controls, but is also likely to incorporate on-site training or e-learning.

SAFEOPS provides significant potential to optimize costs as with sites that are consistently compliant, the company can decide to reduce the frequency of third party audits. Pilot tests with hypermarket retailers show the paperless system cuts employee time spent on controls by up to 60 percent.

"Quality and safety are absolute priority for food retailers and restaurateurs for whom a single incident can have a devastating impact on reputation and revenue. SAFEOPS powered by Eezytrace provides an easy way to collect and track daily checks data at every site in real time, identify issues, and address them rapidly. It also helps our clients with profiling risks and saves money by avoiding a blanket approach to auditing, instead, channeling spend where it is truly needed. Being built on the same risk-based methodology, our solution is 100 percent FSMA ready,” says Vincent Bourdil, global food director at Bureau Veritas.

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