Steton Technology Group, Inc.--a provider of enterprise compliance management--has announced the immediate availability of Mobile Auditor 2016, a mobile application that customizes, consolidates, and streamlines data collection and reporting for compliance assessments in the enterprise.

Mobile Auditor clearly aligns and unifies all levels of the organization—field teams, regional management, and executive leadership—around performance for both internally-imposed standards and externally-imposed regulations.

“Speed-to-data means speed-to-action. Steton Mobile Auditor accelerates access to usable information,” says Frank Maylett, president and CEO of Steton. “Our customers gather better data, see necessary actions earlier, and act faster to correct issues before they become costly liabilities. This not only strengthens their brand, but also drives revenue growth.”

Mobile Auditor syncs bi-directionally with cloud-based Steton Enterprise software to enable the user to download custom-built forms to the mobile device, execute evaluations, and then upload collected evaluation results back to Steton. The Steton management console enables the user to then consolidate, correlate, and securely publish the results as reports—with both point-in-time and “big picture” analyses—across the enterprise, offering real-time, global visibility into the insights and trends that matter.

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