Sentry Equipment Corp.--a global provider of sampling and analysis technologies--announced this week the launch of its new brand identity. With over 90 years of proven experience, the company is leveraging unprecedented sampling knowledge and expertise to optimize process control and product quality for critical operations in the power generation, petrochemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, chemical and mining industries, among others.

“We’ve made strategic decisions that have given us the ability to more effectively meet our customers’ sampling needs,” says Brian Baker, president and CEO of Sentry Equipment Corp. “These moves have also positioned us to increase market share across every industry we serve.”

Through strategic acquisitions, delivering industry-leading technologies, and its ability to customize products and services for any application anywhere in the world, the company is uniquely positioned to meet customer needs at every point in the operational process. Its world-class Sentry brand of products and services provide controlled, real-time monitoring of crucial operations that demand accuracy, uninterrupted process flow and safety. By effectively conditioning, sampling, monitoring and measuring processes within their production environments, customers obtain the critical insights required to control and optimize them.

For many industries, representative sampling and analysis has become indispensable for ensuring the safety and quality of products, people and the environment. Numerous industries and manufacturers require sophisticated technologies to optimize plant efficiency, deliver consistent results and mitigate costly and dangerous business risks.

“Customers need an accurate look into their processes to avoid potentially catastrophic problems such as a product quality risk or corrosion in pipelines or plant assets,” says Baker. “Undetected, these problems can lead to devastating consequences such as salmonella poisoning, fatal explosions, serious environmental damage, or even nuclear contamination.”

As a fully employee-owned company customers have the advantage of working with employee-owners committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. This unique dynamic fosters a culture that is manifested in accountability, responsiveness and commitment.  According to Baker, “There’s a sense of pride in the role our products play in increasing efficiency and output, and most importantly, ensuring peace of mind for customers all around the world. That’s really what our new brand is designed to inspire.”

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